We are changing direction of our farm and discontinuing our pork operation. Please contact us if interested in meat hogs or breeding stock. 

We are continuing to sell our retail USDA retail cuts until sold out. Sausage, brats, breakfast links, ground pork and roasts available, contact us to arrange an order.


Registered Breeding Stock

Our breeding lines include:

Sows: Majestic/Prudence (16.3%CI)

Boar: Longfellow/Majestic (12.1%CI)

Our Feed:  Our hogs primarily graze (yes, they eat grass!) and forage on 100+ acres of paddock and forest. We supplement their diet with our own home-grown, non-GMO corn and non-GMO feed. Our hogs are not fed/given any antibiotics, hormones or steroids. They grow at their own pace, as nature intended.